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HIGHTEC NETWORK SOLUTIONS (OPC) PVT. LTD. (HNSPL) is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Mumbai that offers Internet connectivity services for both Enterprises and Consumers. Building on the management success in providing Internet Solution for almost one decades, HNSPL provides the very best services in Broadband Connectivity & Enterprise Internet Leased Line Connectivity. For its business customers, the HNSPL provides end-to-end integrated internet connectivity under the brand name THUNDERNET. With a wide area covered under fiber connectivity HNSPL is an emerging player in the Enterprise segment offering the widest range of solutions for Small, Medium & Large businesses across Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. THUNDERNET firmly believes that high quality customer care throughout the company is the key to business success. All our engineers are trained in all aspects of our services and are committed to customer satisfaction.
Unlimited access to our expert team, who will act as your remote IT department and provide the service you deserve.


Our Mission


We do this for companies, primarily in healthcare at this point, who have critical communication needs. We intend to grow by gaining new customers in our existing segments.

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Our Vision


We help companies manage relationship with their customers. We do this by assessing how Interactive Voice Response Systems are integrated with Contact Center Operations.

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What we provide

One Stop Entertainment

Residential Broadband

Watch 350 Live TV channels and 20+ OTT platforms, all at one place.

Best Of Entertainment

commercial connection

Get the best shows curated for you from all over the internet.

Single Sign In

live tv

Avoid the hassle. Watch your favourite shows and movies with a single sign in.


Now Get Your Entertainment Pack, Starting at Just Rs 129/- Only.


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Get access to Entertainment, Anytime, Anywhere!


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360 Days
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High Speed Plans For OTT Apps


30 Days
₹ 499 /-
90 Days
₹ 1499 /-
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365 Days
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₹ 699 /-
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    • Our Location Shop No. 1&2, Purvi Apartment, Plot 44 Sector 06/A Kamothe, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410209

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    • Call Us +91-8689893555

    Privacy Policy

    • Subject to the acceptance of the application & technical feasibility HNSPL Services as soon as possible.
    • The data rules shown as downstream or upstream are applicable only to the last mile. However, HNSPL shall be not responsible for lesser download or upload data rates caused by the accessed Website status are the international gateway or the media.
    • All IP addresses assigned will be dynamic.
    • Shifting of Broadband connections is subject to the technical feasibility and would be done on payment of the applicable shifting charges.
    • HNSPL Reserves the right to disconnect the service to any customer in case there is sufficient evidence of the customer intentionally or unintentionally using the service in a manner that would adversely impact HNSPL or HNSPL Network.
    • The customer shall be responsible for using the service only for legal appropriate purposes.
    • The subscriber is required to fully comply with the provisions of the Indian Telegraph Act 1885, Indian Telegraph Rules, the Information Technology Act 2000, and TRAI Act made there under and any amendments or replacements made thereto from time to time.
    • HNSPL reserves the right to disconnect the service to any customer in case there is sufficient evidence of the customer intentionally or unintentionally using the service in a manner that would adversely impact HNSPL or HNSPL Network.
    • The customer shall be responsible for using the service only for Legal and appropriate purposes.
    • HNSPL reserves the right to terminate the services in the event of non-payment of bills preferred by HNSPL in accordance with the tariff plans opted by the customer and the extent of usage or any default on the part of customers.
    • HNSPL will exercise all reasonable care in providing its services, but it is not responsible for interruption/service due to power failures, equipment malfunctions, or acts of natural calamity.
    • HNSPL is not responsible for subscriber’s computer hardware and software or areas of the Internet not under its control. HNSPL does not warrant the privacy, security, or efficiency of the Internet.
    • HNSPL is not responsible for actions taken by its customers or others as a result of its services.
    • HNSPL will not be responsible for the non-use of prepaid Internet Connection.
    • The customer shall submit an application duly signed along with the consent to agree by these & conditions to Hightec Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. directly or through any of its ASSOCIATE along with these terms and conditions seeking HNSPL connections.
    • The address of the CUSTOMER PREMISES where the CUSTOMER desires to have the HNSPL installed & the addresses given in the relevant column in the APPLICATION FORM given by the CUSTOMER dully complete and signed by the CUSTOMER.
    • Along with the HNSPL connectivity charges the CUSTOMER shall pay such taxes. Duties and levies may be determined by the authorities.
    • HNSPL provides the connection to the CUSTOMER PREMISES indicated by the CUSTOMER in the application form and will also intimate the CUSTOMER of the scheduled date of commencement of installation.
    • The CUSTOMER shall ensure to understand the configuration of computers needed for installing and running the SSI for the internet package. before its purchase. Neither HNSPL. the ASSOCIATE shall be responsible for the installation of software needed for the INTERNET package and the CUSTOMER shall ensure that competent persons have satisfactorily done the same. Without prejudice to the foregoing SSI or the ASSOCIATE will render the required customer advisory service sans recourse.
    • HNSPL is not responsible for compatibility problems due to a change of hardware-software at the customer premises. The CUSTOMER has to verify with HNSPL and migrate to a suitable plan (in necessary) should there be a compatibility problem due to a change in hardware software by the CUSTOMER.
    • HNSPL reserves the right to reject the application to the customer for availing of the Bundled services if the financial institution rejects the loan application of the customer.
    • Cheque returned charges would be Rs. 250 per cheque. Should the CUSTOMERS cheque get dishonored more than 3 times in a year? The facility of payment by cheque will be withdrawn. However, notwithstanding the above HNSPL reserves the right to proceed against the CUSTOMER legally as it deems fit.
    • The payment should be done on HIGHTEC NETWORK SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.
    • HNSPL accepts payment through many modes like NEFT, UPI, Card Payment, Cheque, etc.
    • Customers can pay by check, online, Paytm, or an app.
    • Outstation cheques, postal orders, and money orders will not be accepted. Cash can be paid at the counters between 10 AM to 8 PM except between 1 & 2 PM.
    • Cheques will not be accepted after the due date.
    • Service tax and other statutory levies as applicable would be payable by the CUSTOMER.
    • HNSPL may revise the tariff for services from time to time at its sole discretion.
    • No claim for refund of HNSPL Connectivity & service charges would be entertained.
    • The customer shall pay 500 Rs. deposit for GPON box which is refundable on the return of the device in fully working condition. The deposit is not refundable in case of damage to the device either physically or due to an electric short circuit.
    • GPON box comes with a warranty period of 3 years. The device will be replaced in case of malfunctions such as software issues or LAN port issues.
    • HNSPL accepts payment through many modes like NEFT, UPI, Card Payment, Cheque, etc.
    • The customer must return the GPON device at the time of termination of the internet service otherwise the customer will have to pay the full amount of the device as per MRP to the HNSPL
    • A dual-band router is available at Rs. 3000/- which is not refundable
    • The router comes with a warranty period of 3 years from the manufacturer. HNSPL will provide service for the first 1 year after the purchase of the router.
    • The Ownership of the PC Device by the customer in case of bundled offerings. shall be governed as per the terms & conditions of the agreement signed by the customer will the Financial Institution.

    • It is expressly understood by the CUSTOMER that the GClL Connection is location specific. HNSPL Connection will provide at the location indicated by the Customer against the HNSPL Connection Address* in the application form.
    • shifting of the location of HNSPL connection and services from the customer premises to another location in any other premises will be done by HNSPL Subject to the technical and economical feasibility and subject to CUSTOMER paying in advance the changes for relocating the HNSPL Connection at the new address.
    • HNSPL does not guarantee and or will not undertake transfer if the said feasibility report indicates that the transfer is not viable technically or otherwise.
    • The HNSPL Connection is given only for providing services to the CUSTOMER alone. The CUSTOMER may not reassign the service to any other third party. Services are not resale.
    • The CUSTOMER shall not use any hardware and or software that are unlawful or not permitted by the appropriate authorities. The CUSTOMER shall make available on-demand to HNSPL full and complete access to the equipment connected to HNSPL services for technical scrutiny and detailed inspection. the CUSTOMER shall not use any encryption equipment that is beyond the level permitted by the appropriate authority. In all such events, the CUSTOMER shall ensure to deposit one set of keys with the appropriate authority and submit one copy of the written approval permission issued by the appropriate authority to dl before installing any such equipment.
    • The Customer is required to ensure the IP telephony is used as permitted by the Government of India. Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. which is as follows:
      a) PC to Pc: within or outside India.
      b) PC in India to Telephone outside India.
      c) If based on H.323 SIP Terminates connected directly to ISP needs to be similar Terminates: within or outside India.
      Except whatever is described in the condition above. no other fi’om of internet telephony is permitted.
    • The CUSTOMER shall not connect any device to the service without the express written permission of HNSPL. The CUSTOMER is not authorized to change the setup without prior written approval from HNSPL.
    • The Customer shall not use the device supplied by HNSPL under Bundled Services on any other Network other than that of HNSPL till such time the CUSTOMER fully repays dues.
    • If the applicant has no right or has a restrictive right to use the area abutting the CUSTOMER PREMISES and the responsibility of the applicant to obtain necessary permission in writing from concerned authorities like a landlord. society. etc. permitting HNSPL to lay cables to CUSTOMER PROMISES through the areas abutting CUSTOMER PREMISES.
    • Neither HNSPL nor thee ASSOCIATE warrants that the service will be uninterrupted or error-free or that any information. software or other material accessible on the service is free of viruses. worms. Trojan horses have or other harmful components.
    • The CUSTOMER understands the future and that the internal contains unedited materials. some of which are sexually explicit or may be offensive to some people. CUSTOMER access to such materials will be offensive to some people. CUSTOMER access to such materials will be at his own risk. HNSPL or the ASSOCIATE has no control over the same and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for such materials.
    • It would be the responsibility of the CUSTOMER to ensure the password. Where provided is kept secret and not disclosed to anyone and the change the password immediately after installation. The CUSTOMER shall not part with the password with anyone and the Hightec Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. shall not be liable for the misuse of the CUSTOMER facility under any circumstances.
    • Customer is responsible to provide power supply at no charge in order to avail services of Hightec Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    • Customer undertakes that the connection provided by HNSPL is a promotional and hence HNSPL reserves the right to introduce commercial advertisements through the services.
    • HNSPL may revise its terms of services without prior intimation and hence it is understood that by using HNSPL services customers agrees to all terms of services of Hightec Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Updated terms of services may be accessed at

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